What Do I Need

Here's a list of the tools you'll need to successfully train your dog at Dog Barn Training in Chimacum.

Here's the equipment you'll need for every class at the Dog Barn:

  • A good attitude and a sense of humor!
  • Six foot leash.
  • Collar with flat buckle or a harness. (Agility classes only: collar with flat buckle and no tags).
  • Treats.
    • Small and soft ones that can be quickly chewed like cheese, food logs, zukes, hot dogs or pieces of meat.
    • Please NO kibble or milkbone-type treats which can leave crumbs.
  • Treat Bag or Apron
    • You can purchase treat bags from your favorite pet store or you can use a carpenter's apron from a home improvement store.  Delivery of treats needs to be quick and easy.  Ziplock bags and jeans pockets don't work well.
  • Toys
    • Bring a toy your dog loves.  Preferably one that does not squeak.
  • Water Dish
    • There is access for our well water right at the Dog Barn, you just need to bring your own dish.
  • Handler Clothes
    • Please wear a sport shoe like tennis shoes or running shoes.  Wear comfortable pants that let you move freely.  And dress in layers.  The Dog Barn indoor facility is fully enclosed but is unheated.
  • A good attitude and a sense of humor!  (Did I say that already?!)